Your Plate

There’s a lot on our plates. Are we even hungry?
Am I thankful, or ungrateful for all the tasks set ahead of me, my to-do list, if you will?
Plenty of people have their own tasks set.
Who even really cares?
If the task isn’t completed today, what will happen?
It will be there for you tomorrow.
So what’s all the fuss?

If the mentality of our society, our western civilization became relaxed without tending to tasks
People might not accomplish their ambitious dreams that they set for themselves.
And, the ambitions are all a matter of perspective, right?
Well, most of the time.

The crucial ambitions might be pivotal for people to attain a need….
Going to work equals a paycheck, meaning food can be bought and survival is assured for another day.
Or the bills will be paid, and electricity stays on, and no fear of eviction, for another month.
The gas tank gets filled, the bus pass is bought, the bicycle remains in good repair, and the shoes are new enough to continue safely walking to work.

The real ambitious dreams can be those of selfishness, or even those of generosity.
Yes, people might actually be generous in the western culture.
People volunteer to help a friend, or a stranger, just because they have the kindness in their heart to do charitable tasks.
People volunteer with an ulterior motive, to receive a school credit, or approval. Does that make the charitable act selfish and unworthy?
People have their “big” dreams and goals, to get a promotion at work, learn a new language, to travel the world, to become famous, wealthy, to have that expensive car, or house, to meet the status quo of their social group. That may sound overwhelming to some, or even most. To others the satisfaction is in the challenge.

Everybody has a lot on their plates. How much is needed? How does one determine what is realistic on their own plate? Some even have things on their plate that they don’t seek. Some don’t realize that they seek the stuff that sits on their plate simply due to their role in life: mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, boss, politician, minister, or….

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