Mom art

As a child I saw that she knew everything,
As a teenager I realized she knows a great deal, more than I knew, but not everything, and sometimes nothing,
As a young adult, she still knew very little, but there was hope for her yet,
Now, as I am a mother of youngsters, I realize she has always known more than I realized.

Mom is a powerful person, no matter what kind of person,
Because a Mom/ Mommy/Mama’s actions that are filled with love are done genuinely
for her children.

Mom might not actually know “everything” or even a lot, but she knows that she loves me,
As I love my own.

Mom will carry more than humanly possible for her children,
She will truly stand in harm’s way for her children (more than once if needed),
She will also discipline her children, sometimes harshly, but filled with love for her children.

Mom’s deserved reverence by others ebbs and flows depending on….
But is always deserved if she is a Mom in her heart.

Mom will make mistakes,
But will always love.

Many “Mom’s” in the world might not wear the physically noticeable badge earned in childbirth.
She might wear the badge earned through the scars of love in her heart.
Mom is someone to be honored each day,
But on the special day etched out for her
To give her full recognition will fill her heart
With the joy she feels when she looks upon you with pride.

There have been numerous stories of what Mom has endured out of her love for you,
You know what your Mom has endured
And you may not really know the half of it.


One thought on “Mom

  1. So beautiful! I always told you things that didn’t make sense at the time but also told you that one day you would understand. Now you are a Mom and probably understand what I was saying. Love your children and be there for them and someday when you really need them they will be there for you💖

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