The Hot South

“Woo wee! He is definitely headed south!”

“Where’s he going? Hollywood? Alabama?”

She looked at her friend disapprovingly, knowing she still had much to learn. “No, silly! He’s going SOUTH!” she retorted emphatically while pointing to the ground.

Sally looked in the direction that Nel pointed, still confused. “He’s going into the ground?”

Exasperated, Nel barked, “Sally, I realize you are still a new Christian, but when I said that Simon was going south, I meant that he is definitely not a Christian. So, after life on earth, he will be living in the same place where the evil one lives.”

“Oh, you mean…?”

“Yes,” Nel nodded knowingly.

Sally thought momentarily, and then her eyes brightened as she smiled conclusively. “But wait, Nel! Simon’s not dead yet! There’s still hope for him. We should tell him about the same Good News that we know about. I mean, if you hadn’t shared it with me last week, then I would be in the same boat as Simon! How horrible!”

Nel shook her head, “I think he’s a lost cause, Sally. Simon doesn’t like Christians.”

Sally appeared to feel helpless. “But, what about what Jesus did for him…” her voice trailed. Sally thought for a moment, and then looked at Nel. “Well, I would feel awful if I didn’t at least try to tell Simon about Christ. I don’t want him to go south!” She looked at her friend, smiled weakly, and walked toward Simon.

“You don’t know what you’re doing!”

Sally paused, and glanced over her shoulder, “Then come help me!”


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