Step to Flourish

The opportunity of a lifetime looked her straight in the face, at her eyes, to her soul. She was excited and nervous. Who will ever know of her deepest goals, for she just recently became aware of them. How exciting and exhilarating for her!

She spread her arms like the wings of an eagle, ready to flourish in her new endeavors! She took a step, cautious that before she blossoms, she may indeed flounder. She stepped back, looked up, and took a breath. Is it too late for her to make such a dramatic change in her life? She became uncertain of her quest, but knew it was her true desire.

He approached her gently, and held her hand. This was the confirmation that she needed. He was her strongest support in her life ambitions. He was the gentle word that she sought when she doubted. He smiled at her and nodded. He stepped forward, taking her along the way. They moved into the ray of light that poured down upon them. He nudged her on, knowing that she needed to proceed individually, although, he would remain in her heart, encouraging her throughout. This was her opportunity to grow and conquer her doubts….to flourish.


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