Circus ease

She did not know what to do next, or what to expect for that matter! The colors above her head were painted across the sky of the giant canopy. She oohed and ahhed at the artists as they gracefully flew in the air, throwing each other across the diameter of the tent. How was it possible? Was she dreaming?

He gently squeezed her hand with reassurance that he was still beside her. Yet, she was breathless with captivation that she not only forgot to breathe, but forgot that he was next to her. How could she forget? She’s waited longer than he realized for a day like today. The first date. It was not a customary first date, which enchanted her more about him!

Next were the bears, giraffes, lions, and tigers. All were amazing! Up next, the clowns, the snacks, balloons, and pranks. All the excitement was endless. The daredevil motorcyclists astounded her to a halt. She did not laugh, inhale nor exhale. Her eyes watched cautiously. She now held his hand tightly, and shuddered ever so slightly with fear for the stunts people’s safety. She knew they were skilled at their craft, but still….

He walked her to her front door, gently holding her hand. She trembled now with excitement from the circus she watched, and with relief from the ease of not needing to put on her normal circus act on this first date!


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