The Clueless Do-Gooder

The Clueless Do-Gooder

“Here. You dropped your pen!”

Brandon looked at Goth suspiciously. Who cares that I dropped my pen? Brandon thought to himself. Nobody helps anybody anymore. Especially in the modern business world. Brandon winced at Goth’s friendly smile. He extended his hand to take the pen and feigned polite gratitude, “Thanks, Go-, er, Gordon.”

Gordon looked Brandon in the eyes, smiled genuinely, and responded, “You’re welcome, Brandon! And, thanks for addressing me by my name. The nickname can stay at the high school these days.” He smiled once more and continued walking down the padded flooring of the corporate business office where the two young men worked.

Brandon watched Gordon walk away in disbelief. Just four years earlier the two men graduated from high school. Brandon was a famed basketball star who attended the prestigious Galahein University on scholarships and promise. Gordon, on the other hand, lived up to his nickname while in high school. He was quiet, dark-natured, intimidated even the most confident kids with a quick glare, and was sure to do things that earned his fearfulness. In high school no one had any care or hope for Gordon’s future.

Now, looking at his former classmate was like looking at a completely different person. Brandon was recently hired at Sportelle Commercial Banking, Inc. knowing that his outstanding basketball career at Galahein was a factor that helped him to get the job at the esteemed banking firm that received acclimates due to its unique source of revenue – athletics. How Gordon was hired was a mystery for Brandon.

Brandon observed Gordon in the following weeks, nearly stalking him at work and out of work. Gordon was observed doing small and large good deeds in the observations made. Gordon hardly slept, yet was consistently polite and cheerful! To note, Gordon helped the busy and overworked secretaries when he had time, as well as the mail clerks in the office. While he was crossing the street he assisted an old lady cross the street with a large amount of groceries, and proceeded to assist her to her house while carrying the groceries. He also interrupted some neighbor kids at their neighborhood baseball game. The teens playing on both teams were nearing a brawl. But, Gordon helped them work through the issues and continue the game agreeably. Next, Gordon was seen walking into a local bar, the kind that Brandon would suspect Gordon to attend before his transformation. Brandon naturally figured that everyone has skeletons in their closets; however, Gordon’s would not be a total surprise. He sat outside the bar for several hours, waiting in his car to finally see Gordon walk out of the bar completely sober and helping the inebriated patrons to the local sobering facility. Then, after watching this act 12 times Gordon returned to the bar, and walked out with the wait staff 20 minutes later, helping them carry the left over bar food to the local Mission. Brandon could not believe his eyes! Brandon couldn’t help but wonder, who is this man that he now sees? And why does Gordon fascinate him this way?

One Sunday morning Brandon decided to follow Gordon around his daily business, curious of what he would be doing on a holy day. Surprised, Brandon discovered that he arrived outside of Gordon’s apartment too late. Gordon had already begun his day, and it was only 8:00am. Gordon hurried into his car and drove away. Brandon followed Gordon a bit behind. Where would Gordon be going to at 8:00am on a Sunday morning, he wondered. Slightly surprised, Brandon found himself pulling into a Christian church parking lot. Actually, it was the same church he’d attended as a teenager with his family! Some of the parishioners that Brandon watched walk into the church were familiar faces….older now, but he knew them.

Embarrassed that he himself no longer attended church, Gordon continued to drive through the parking lot to the nearest exit. Suddenly, Gordon stepped in front of Brandon’s car, causing Brandon to slam on his breaks so as to avoid hitting Gordon. “What are you doing?” Brandon fearfully and angrily yelled at Gordon.

Gordon smiled peacefully. “Brandon, I know you have been watching me for the past few weeks. I was a completely different person in high school than who you see today. But please, don’t leave the Sunday service on my account.”

Brandon pulled into the nearest parking spot and got out of his car. “Yes, for some reason your life change has really enthralled me Gordon. What happened?”

Gordon knew that was only half of Brandon’s questions. He grinned answering, “The Lord works in mysterious ways, Brandon. What I want to know is why did you ever leave Him?”

Dumbfounded, Brandon had no reply. He was at a loss for words knowing that he had allowed his life to become too busy to find time for church anymore. With his basketball, college, now a new and promising job….and stalking his once hardened high school classmate.

“Well, whatever it is Brandon, please come to church with me today. Who knows what you might find!”

For the first time in a long time Brandon felt nervous and excited, void of vulnerable confidence as he walked into the familiar church with his colleague.

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