The Summer Miracle

She woke with her alarm, one minute before the sunrise today. She jumped out of bed and ran to her front door. She felt as giddy as a tot! She turned briefly and blared her music that played intense, awakening music.

And then, she watched the first ray of sunlight rise from behind the far off mountains. Mary’s face creased with each wrinkle upon it as she smiled broadly. In her mind, with the first ray of sunshine on this summer equinox, the season of Summer officially begins! She watched a while longer until the sun shone completely from behind those mountains. The music continued, dramatically thundering in the background.

An hour later, Mary drove her 1984 Cadillac down the small town’s main street. Now, the music pounded in her car, and she still wore a joyful smile on her face. She stopped at the busiest area in town. Shuffleboard and skateboarding occurred.

Mary exited her car, but let the music pound on. As a matter of fact, she turned up her tunes for all to here. And then, she pulled a small stool from her Caddy’s backseat and stepped on it. She lifted herself to the roof of her car and began to dance to her tunes, with arms raised high in the sky and a broad smile on her face. She sang loudly, “Praise You in the morning! Praise You in the noontime! Praise You ALL the time! Praise You for this beautiful day, this beautiful new summer day!”

The shuffle boarders dropped their shuffle sticks. The skateboarders stopped their boards. Passerby’s and others watched in disbelief. Sirens in the background of the music slowly became louder as they got closer to the scene.

Mary amazed all who watched even while the EMT’s gently assisted her off of the roof of the car. This 99-year old had not left her house since the first snow last winter. And now, the first day of summer lifted her spirits and soul right out of her abode!


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