The Forbidden Dig

Digging was forbidden. Rex may not be the smartest in the new Cocker Spaniel mix litter, but he learned fast that the people did not want him or the others digging a hole in the ground. Rex was 8-weeks now. He watched as those in his litter slowly went away, never to be seen again. He missed them. But, at least he still had his mother. She brought warmth and support, something he cherished. But digging, that was his enjoyable activity. Even the owner’s pup, Leo, enjoyed digging with Rex! Yet, when Leo’s mother would find him digging with Rex, she would get upset with him, along with Rex.

Truly, this forbidden hobby only drove Rex toward further ambition to dig. He wondered what he could be missing out on. Was Leo’s mother holding out on him and Leo? Who knows, maybe his other furry siblings were on the other side of the yard.

The next day after Leo’s mother put Rex and his other siblings outside to frolic she decided to return to the house and became busy inside. Rex saw this, realizing it was his opportunity to pursue his dig. He romped to a corner of the fenced yard where he had worked previously, alone and with Leo. He noticed the once long journey to this part of the yard seemed shorter and easier. The blades of grass no longer tickled under his belly, and the minor holes in the lawn that once impeded his running abilities seemed to be gone now.

When Rex arrived at his post he looked to see that between his work and Leo’s work not much was accomplished. He frowned, for he knew it would take a long time for him still. Rex wasted no time and began to dig. To his surprise he dug deep enough before Leo’s mother returned to squeeze through the beautiful hole. After he was on the other side of the fence he observed his new surroundings. Surprisingly, they did not look much different that his own backyard!

Moments later, Rex heard Leo and his mother calling for him. He sensed panic in their voice. His own mother began to howl. Rex never heard this sound before, but instantly knew his mother was calling for him. She sounded sad. Rex attempted to return to his yard through the hole he dug, but he could not squeeze through this time. He began to whimper and howl for his mother.

Before long, a strange new person ran up to Rex and picked him up. “You must be from Gigi’s new litter of pups,” the stranger exclaimed. “I think I’d better take you home. Leo told me of the fun he has with you and your siblings.” The stranger glanced at the ground. “Ah, you must be Rex! Leo told me that he enjoys digging with the red, furry puppy name ‘Rex.’”

Before long, Rex was returned to his familiar surroundings. This time confined to the indoors, forbidden to return outside unattended. Although he felt shame and embarrassment, he was very happy to be back.


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