There was something about her that caught her eye. Daisy could not quite place her finger on Rose’s captivating demeanor. She simply knew she must know more about Rose!


Rose looked up from her work, quickly pushing the papers to the side. She was focused so intently on her project that she hadn’t noticed Daisy approach her booth. Confused about why Daisy would leave her own booth she inquired, “Is there something I can do for you, Daisy is it?”

Daisy studied Rose more, now that she had a closer look at Rose. The bustle of passerby’s continued to drown not only Rose’s voice, but Daisy’s thoughts. Daisy blinked, blankly at a loss for words. “I was just curious,” she stammered. She continued to study Rose’s booth now that she was closer to it.

“I’m sorry?” Rose queried.

“Well, I’ve been watching you for the past few days now, and am baffled as to how you manage to maintain such an orderly fashion to your projects amongst the natural chaos here at these small booths that we have.”

Daisy found her question absurd; knowing that one criterion to her job at her booth was to create a sense of organization. She had the tax credit booth. Of all things, tax credit! But she was a natural at organization. Yet, Rose had the “bottomless pit of fun” booth. Daisy saw past vendors fail at the job within one to two days since the booth began two months ago. Keeping it orderly was a bigger challenge than it seemed.

The Bottomless Pit of Fun was comprised of juggling the messiest toys with the smallest attachments for young children, alongside intricate and detailed brain toys for youth and adults. Those toys were normally abandoned after being fully disassembled. The past workers would spend the following hours reassembling the various toys for the next customers. Amidst all the chaos, the main job for this booth’s vendor was to perform research of the patrons who stopped by the booth, and then report the statistics to the owner at the end of each week!

Rose thought momentarily, and then grinned at Daisy. “I’m normally entirely sloppy.
Some would call me a buffoon!” She chuckled at herself. “But someone who cares deeply about me challenged me to find and keep a job for at least a month that stretches my orderliness deficiency completely.”

Daisy’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened. “You’re joking, right?”

“I wish I were, but here I am, right?”


Step to Flourish

The opportunity of a lifetime looked her straight in the face, at her eyes, to her soul. She was excited and nervous. Who will ever know of her deepest goals, for she just recently became aware of them. How exciting and exhilarating for her!

She spread her arms like the wings of an eagle, ready to flourish in her new endeavors! She took a step, cautious that before she blossoms, she may indeed flounder. She stepped back, looked up, and took a breath. Is it too late for her to make such a dramatic change in her life? She became uncertain of her quest, but knew it was her true desire.

He approached her gently, and held her hand. This was the confirmation that she needed. He was her strongest support in her life ambitions. He was the gentle word that she sought when she doubted. He smiled at her and nodded. He stepped forward, taking her along the way. They moved into the ray of light that poured down upon them. He nudged her on, knowing that she needed to proceed individually, although, he would remain in her heart, encouraging her throughout. This was her opportunity to grow and conquer her doubts….to flourish.


The Hot South

“Woo wee! He is definitely headed south!”

“Where’s he going? Hollywood? Alabama?”

She looked at her friend disapprovingly, knowing she still had much to learn. “No, silly! He’s going SOUTH!” she retorted emphatically while pointing to the ground.

Sally looked in the direction that Nel pointed, still confused. “He’s going into the ground?”

Exasperated, Nel barked, “Sally, I realize you are still a new Christian, but when I said that Simon was going south, I meant that he is definitely not a Christian. So, after life on earth, he will be living in the same place where the evil one lives.”

“Oh, you mean…?”

“Yes,” Nel nodded knowingly.

Sally thought momentarily, and then her eyes brightened as she smiled conclusively. “But wait, Nel! Simon’s not dead yet! There’s still hope for him. We should tell him about the same Good News that we know about. I mean, if you hadn’t shared it with me last week, then I would be in the same boat as Simon! How horrible!”

Nel shook her head, “I think he’s a lost cause, Sally. Simon doesn’t like Christians.”

Sally appeared to feel helpless. “But, what about what Jesus did for him…” her voice trailed. Sally thought for a moment, and then looked at Nel. “Well, I would feel awful if I didn’t at least try to tell Simon about Christ. I don’t want him to go south!” She looked at her friend, smiled weakly, and walked toward Simon.

“You don’t know what you’re doing!”

Sally paused, and glanced over her shoulder, “Then come help me!”



Breathe in, breathe out, I told myself. Yet, I continued to huff and puff, hyperventilating frantically. Sweat was now dripping from my forehead.

“On your marks, get set, go!” The gun cracked in the air.

All the runners bolted from their posts. All except me.

I continued to hyperventilate. I now told myself to breathe slower. It didn’t work. I toppled over onto my knees. What was I to do?

“Get up Mouse!”

I looked up in the rafters and saw him! My savior had arrived! I felt the motivation, to get up and move. I knew all my hard work and perseverance had paid off for this big day. To show the running world that I am indeed a healthy person….despite my random, inconveniently timed panic attacks….!

I ran the race, a new, healthy woman.




Vector in which one travels through a day, week month, year in life.
What one see’s, experiences, feels in the course of life.

Inspirational and Intellectual abilities gained while learning through seeing and experiencing aspirations and needs for self and others.

Sensory ability that creates a unique individual and style. Everything seen is a potential possibility.

Interpretation of what is seen. The understanding is enhanced with the help of other senses, creating a factual truth.

Optimal reality of the visible information gathered.

Need to know more. “Seeing is believing,” is only one element. Seeing with experience and intuition adds to the elements of one’s vision.






I watched closely,
Maybe too closely….

He sat with a giddy smile on his face,
Confident that this was his day,
“Oh my…” I muttered nervously.

She sat next to him,
Clipboard in hand.
She wore a grim expression,
Clenched her clipboard and, I noticed, motioned that he begin.

It was now survival of the fittest,
For my 16-year-old son,
And the drive test evaluator, too.

I could not watch any longer,
They drove away from my site.
I sat in the seat,
At the DMV.




Mom art

As a child I saw that she knew everything,
As a teenager I realized she knows a great deal, more than I knew, but not everything, and sometimes nothing,
As a young adult, she still knew very little, but there was hope for her yet,
Now, as I am a mother of youngsters, I realize she has always known more than I realized.

Mom is a powerful person, no matter what kind of person,
Because a Mom/ Mommy/Mama’s actions that are filled with love are done genuinely
for her children.

Mom might not actually know “everything” or even a lot, but she knows that she loves me,
As I love my own.

Mom will carry more than humanly possible for her children,
She will truly stand in harm’s way for her children (more than once if needed),
She will also discipline her children, sometimes harshly, but filled with love for her children.

Mom’s deserved reverence by others ebbs and flows depending on….
But is always deserved if she is a Mom in her heart.

Mom will make mistakes,
But will always love.

Many “Mom’s” in the world might not wear the physically noticeable badge earned in childbirth.
She might wear the badge earned through the scars of love in her heart.
Mom is someone to be honored each day,
But on the special day etched out for her
To give her full recognition will fill her heart
With the joy she feels when she looks upon you with pride.

There have been numerous stories of what Mom has endured out of her love for you,
You know what your Mom has endured
And you may not really know the half of it.


Obliviously Broken

“Hello?” I hurriedly answered. The clock was ticking. He had no idea that it was my first day at my new job. Well, it wasn’t a job, per se. But, it seemed that way to me.

“Hello, is Mrs. Fractured Heart available?”

I was tending to my best friend’s broken heart at the moment. Who was this guy calling anyway? And, calling me Mrs. Fractured Heart…? Preposterous! “What, is this some kind of joke?” I insisted, and hung up.

I walked back to my friend who sat on the couch sobbing. She was nearly finished telling me how her son was horrifically injured while skateboarding on his way to the skate park, without wearing a helmet. She received a phone call from her child care provider who was on the way to the emergency room with him. We were about to leave for the ER; Destiny asked me to drive her.

The doorbell rang.

Who can it possibly be now?! I excused myself again and answered the door.

Indignant, I answered the door to find some freak show guy wearing a red velvet suit, and a top hat. Was this some sort of a joke? I sighed, and went along with the apparent game, “Who are you?”

“Are you Joy Fractzich?”

I was overwhelmed with my friend’s dilemma, so I was feeling quite skeptical of this clown standing before me right now. “Excuse me?” I had no other response. I nearly closed the door in his face, the way I had hung up the phone on him. But, he was persistent….gently though. It was strange the way he enticed me to leave the door open and to listen to him.

“Pardon me, Mrs. Fractzich, but I am no ordinary salesman, as you have assumed…”

“I didn’t say that!” I was startled that he would know my thoughts, although, it was peculiar for a salesman to dress in his sort of fashion. My harsh thought of him being a clown was more fitting.

“True, you did not say that I am a salesman, but I would like to borrow just a few of your valuable minutes to ‘sell’ to you what I have to offer. May I enter your house?”

His eyes looked past me and he looked around the corner at Destiny, while she continued to sob on my couch. He appeared serene, yet concerned when he looked at Destiny, and again at me.

Curious about this strange man I opened my door a little wider and welcomed him into my house. While he walked inside I noticed that he carried a grey metal briefcase. In this part of the state where it rains nearly year-round it surprised me that it looked like new! I looked at this strange man, and found a loss of words upon an attempt to introduce him to Destiny.

He did not miss a beat and declared, “My apologies for I have yet to introduce myself. My name is Dwynwen, but people call my Dewey for short.”

“Well, Dewey, please call me Joy. Formalities are not needed. And, this is Destiny,” she turned toward her friend.

Dewey stepped inside the house and reached out his hand. I grabbed his hand and shook it, feeling an overwhelmingly peaceful tingle rush through my body. I became eager to learn what Dewey had to offer. So, I invited Dewey to present his sales pitch in the living room where Destiny sat.

He greeted Destiny with the same formalities. I noticed that she suddenly felt the same pleasant tingle that I felt too. Her eyes shined with excitement through the tears that slowly began to dry after shaking Dewey’s hand. The tension in her body began to relax. She appeared to ponder who this guy might be.

Dewey smiled at Destiny, knowing her thoughts. “So, I would like to offer you ladies a breath of fresh air that begins today, and will remain with you forever. No pressure though, because people will notice the change once you receive the air, and some may not like it or approve of it. These people could quite possibly be your husbands.”

The glow that encircled Joy and Destiny’s faces began to diminish.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t understand,” I responded.

“That’s okay, Joy.” Dewey turned to his briefcase and opened it. He pulled from it an old small transistor radio.

The women looked at the radio with awe. I reached for a tissue as I began to sob. Destiny cradled me knowingly.

“Do you know what you have done?!”

Dewey smiled at Destiny, “Yes, I have begun to crack through Joy’s broken heart, Destiny. I know that she has spent the past 15 years of her 25 year life trying to cover the pain she feels. I was there when she lost her parents and siblings in the tragic plane crash, and she was in the small tower with you and your father while he attempted to guide her father with the use of a transistor radio like this one.” He looked warmly at the two young ladies knowing everything about their lives. “Joy, you have covered the pain that runs so deep within you through therapy, medications, self-medicating, and more. You now cling to your husband, and your unborn child out of fear, while trying to obliviously sweep your past under a rug.”

Surprised, I looked at Dewey. I had a hunch that I was pregnant, but figured it was still too soon to confirm. How would this stranger know anything about it? I looked at my friend who studied me with the same surprise that I felt.

“Destiny, I didn’t know…I mean, I thought I might be, but that only crossed my mind yesterday.”

“And as for you Destiny, I have always been amazed at your willingness, however, fearful, to allow your son to venture in areas that raise the hairs on the back of your neck.”

Destiny slowly felt the back of her neck to find that Dewey was correct. “But, I don’t understand.”

“Although you fear skateboards, you still allow your son to use them, even though he does not use proper precaution all the time. Some might call that admirable for you, the mother. But, I have seen you exhausted and emotionally broken at times that you are alone. Between Joy’s tragic loss as a child, that initiated fear in you, and your son’s daring actions, I see that you live in fear.”

Hearing all of this, I began to feel uncomfortable with this man in my house. Besides, I need to take Destiny to the hospital. I don’t have time for this any longer. I began to stand, when I noticed Dewey rising as well, while removing his tall, velvet hat.

Destiny and I suddenly became captivated by Dewey’s shiny head. He had a head full of beautiful hair under that hat, but the glow permeated through his hair and into my heart. “Dewey, your head…”

“I am well aware, Joy.” He smiled his peaceful smile.

I felt the pain of my childhood slowly fade away. The skeptic in me wondered how the years of pain ebbed so quickly.

“That feeling you are having, Joy, is the pure, true love of the Creator of love. He wants you and Destiny to meet Him.” Dewey smiled. “I want to share with you the healing peace that I am privileged to live each day ladies.” He smiled at them, his peaceful, heart healing smiled and gathered his transistor back into his perfect briefcase.

“But wait,” Destiny gasped, “what are you talking about? Where do we go from here?”

Dewey closed his briefcase. “Talk to the chaplain at the hospital, he can direct you. Or go to that church on the street corner near this neighborhood. They will guide you too. Thank you for your time, ladies. Kiss your son for me please, Destiny. He needs it more than anything right now.” And with that, Dewey was gone.

We sat in peaceful silence for the next few minutes, until Destiny’s phone rang.

Suburban Wilderness Walk

We step outside this brisk, damp morning,
Amidst the crisp atmosphere.
The scent of floral shrubberies fill the air
Enhanced by the grey sky
Hear the faint sound of the distant roaring river.

Passerby’s amuse
Most remain focused
On their route.
Some pause briefly before rushing on,
Others stroll leisurely.

As for my dog and I
We absorb the scents
Notice the shrubs
Avoid the puddles
And enjoy the silent companionship.

It is early
We have recently awoken
And appear as such
While walking around our neighborhood
Our suburban wilderness.

Your Plate

There’s a lot on our plates. Are we even hungry?
Am I thankful, or ungrateful for all the tasks set ahead of me, my to-do list, if you will?
Plenty of people have their own tasks set.
Who even really cares?
If the task isn’t completed today, what will happen?
It will be there for you tomorrow.
So what’s all the fuss?

If the mentality of our society, our western civilization became relaxed without tending to tasks
People might not accomplish their ambitious dreams that they set for themselves.
And, the ambitions are all a matter of perspective, right?
Well, most of the time.

The crucial ambitions might be pivotal for people to attain a need….
Going to work equals a paycheck, meaning food can be bought and survival is assured for another day.
Or the bills will be paid, and electricity stays on, and no fear of eviction, for another month.
The gas tank gets filled, the bus pass is bought, the bicycle remains in good repair, and the shoes are new enough to continue safely walking to work.

The real ambitious dreams can be those of selfishness, or even those of generosity.
Yes, people might actually be generous in the western culture.
People volunteer to help a friend, or a stranger, just because they have the kindness in their heart to do charitable tasks.
People volunteer with an ulterior motive, to receive a school credit, or approval. Does that make the charitable act selfish and unworthy?
People have their “big” dreams and goals, to get a promotion at work, learn a new language, to travel the world, to become famous, wealthy, to have that expensive car, or house, to meet the status quo of their social group. That may sound overwhelming to some, or even most. To others the satisfaction is in the challenge.

Everybody has a lot on their plates. How much is needed? How does one determine what is realistic on their own plate? Some even have things on their plate that they don’t seek. Some don’t realize that they seek the stuff that sits on their plate simply due to their role in life: mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, boss, politician, minister, or….